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White Supremacists Distribute Leaflets in Easter Eggs

Leaflets Distributed Inside Easter Eggs

Leaflets Distributed Inside Easter Eggs

Over the weekend, white supremacists in Fort Gratiot, Michigan distributed leaflets inside of Easter eggs. The Easter eggs contained leaflets and stickers from two groups: the Nationalist Coalition and the Northwest Front.

The Nationalist Coalition is an offshoot of the National Alliance which was at one point one of the largest white supremacist organizations in the United States. The leaflet from the Nationalist Coalition futures the image of a young white girl with the text “MISSING – A Future for White Children” and provides the contact information for the organization. The Northwest Front sticker provides contact information and describes itself as an organization working to create a “white homeland” in the Pacific Northwest.

Organizers with both groups praised the efforts. In a blog post, the Nationalist Coalition wrote: “Just a few days ago over the Easter weekend a few pro-White activists got together to distribute fliers in their local community. They did this despite the potential that the local media would attack their patriotic efforts.” Similarly, the Northwest Front’s Harold Covington wrote “Give this comrade an A for initiative and creativity.”

In 2010, a group undertook a similar activity in Auburn Hills.

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